Library Hours: 8:35 – 11:35 a.m. and 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday

Library Contact: Nancy Compton, Librarian, 416-393-9105,

Lending Policy

Due to the different requirements of the curriculum on the junior and the primary students, the library has set different standards concerning the allowable number of books for them.

Provided that there is no delinquency found in the student’s account, a primary student may take up to 2 items at a time on their library card while a junior student may take up to 3 items at a time. Books are on loan for 2 weeks. Students with late library items cannot borrow books until the late items are returned. Library books should be kept in a special place at home. Students and their parents are responsible for items signed out to their accounts. Damaged items should be brought to the attention of Nancy Compton upon return. Library items that are lost will be charged replacement costs (see below).

Late Notices and Lost Items

Late notices are sent out once a month. Students with late library items cannot borrow books until the late items are returned. Items late for more than a month will be presumed lost unless otherwise informed by the student or the parent/guardian. Standard lost item charges for TDSB are listed below. Cash payments for these lost items are allowable to serve as retributions for lost items. However, the library prefers a replacement book of the same title and author as payment for lost item. Replacement Costs by monetary means will be determined at the discretion of the teacher-librarian depending on the condition of the book.

Kindergarten Book Loans

Kindergarten students are encouraged by the teacher-librarian to use a Library book bag that contains their library card information. Kindergarten books are borrowed for one week. Kindergarten book bags are supplied by the library and are required for kindergarten students to borrow a book.

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers who can offer an hour or so on a weekly basis are asked to contact the teacher-librarian. Please contact the teacher-librarian if parents are interested to assist in the management of the library. Please note that if you regularly volunteer in the school (more than 3 times a term) a police check is required. Please refer to appropriate section(s) of the manual for more details.

Student Volunteers

Students are encouraged to be volunteers in the library to assist Nancy Compton. Students must know the Dewey Decimal System to be able to volunteer. Due to this, junior students are being encouraged to volunteer to assist. Mrs. Compton wants students who are responsible, have a great attitude concerning work and will do their best.

Book Fairs

Book fairs are held each year at Blythwood Junior P S. Funds raised by the book fairs go to support library programs. The number of book fairs being held in Blythwood is at the discretion of the school and community. The teacher-librarian welcomes book fairs as great venues of encouraging literacy skills of the students. In the end, the objective of book fairs is the pleasure a student gets in reading a book!

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