Newcomers – Elementary and High School Students

Welcome to the TDSB! We are happy to welcome thousands of new students each year. Learn everything you need to know about getting started and attending a TDSB school.

To register an elementary school student (Kindergarten to Grade 8), please visit your local school directly.

We are here to help make your transition into a TDSB school as smooth as possible. There are many supports and resources available to help you!

Optional Attendance

Students who reside within the City of Toronto have the right to attend a school which is designated to serve their residential address. The “Find Your School” section of the website identifies the designated schools for each residential address.

Students also have the opportunity to access schools outside of the school that is designated to serve their residential address by applying on optional attendance. Acceptance at these schools is subject to space availability and program suitability. The procedures, conditions, and timelines relating to optional attendance are described in the Optional Attendance Policy and the Optional Attendance Operational Procedure.

More Information

Learn more about Optional Attendance, including definitions of the classifications, as well as links to full school listings.

If you have any questions about optional attendance, please contact the school directly.

Virtual School

Almost 60,000 elementary students are now registered in four brand new Virtual Schools (Ward 11 elementary students will be part of the Learning Centre 1 school), and more than 15,000 students will the TDSB’s Virtual High School. 

The TDSB’s Return to School web portal now has new pages for elementary and secondary virtual schools. It includes dates (the Virtual School starts Tuesday, September 22), contact information, program outlines, and information about class sizes, device access, exemptions from synchronous learning (whole or partial), switches to and from in-person learning, and more. 

• Virtual Primary Schools :
Please note: Don Valley West remote learners are in Learning Centre 1

Brightspace links: 

• Introduction to Brightspace Tools & Functions:
• An Introduction to Navigating Brightspace For Families:
• Contact Brightspace for Support 24/7:

More technology links: 

• Google Classroom Student Login Instructions for Parents/Guardians:
• Brightspace Student Login Instructions for Parents/Guardians:
• Student Virtual Learning IT Support:
(including live webchat Mon.-Fri.8am-5pm)

Each of the four Elementary Virtual Schools will have offerings of French Immersion and Extended French Programs. 
For more information, please view this: FSL Frequently Asked Questions:

In accordance with requirements outlined by the Ministry of Education in Policy/Program Memorandum No. 164, individual requests for an exemption from the minimum requirements for synchronous learning will be made to the School Superintendent. The superintendent will ensure that alternative learning approaches are put in place for all exempted students, and will respond in writing to all exemption requests. Teachers will be responsible for all aspects of instructional programming for exempted students. Approved exemptions will be stored in the student’s Ontario Student Record and will expire three months after the date of approval. Exemptions can be extended beyond the 3-month period by re-applying for another exemption prior to the expiration date. 

More information about the minimum requirements, application deadlines (first on September 29), and more, can be found:

The TDSB recognizes that parents/guardians and/or students may want to switch between in-person learning and Virtual School. It is important to note that, for health and safety reasons, and because of the impact switching would have on staffing, physical distancing and space allocation, it will not be possible to immediately transition between the two models.

As a result,  opportunities to enter the Virtual School or to return to in-person learning will be provided at key dates during the school year. For elementary schools, the dates are: here. For secondary school, the dates are: .
Movement from one model to another will be requested through the Principal of the student’s home school. If a switch is required outside of the designated times, a limited number of exceptions may be made and will be reviewed by staff on a case-by-case basis.

Every student in the Virtual School, and all students in the Hybrid/Adapted Model high schools, will be required to have a device. 

For those without access to a device, please contact the student’s home school Principal to make a request.

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