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Parents are encouraged to take part in some (or all!) of the many school programs and activities for which volunteers are sought.  Throughout the year, teachers and class parents will notify parents of volunteer opportunities in the classroom or on field trips. In addition, the Parent School Council coordinates many programs and events and there are always short-term and year-long volunteer opportunities. If you wish more information or to volunteer, please contact the PSC Co-Chairs, Jennifer Dysart or Amy Pandori.

Effective September 2004, the provincial government required that all volunteers with a school board, who have regular, ongoing contact with students, be required to obtain a police reference check. Forms for these are available in the school office; there is a nominal fee.

Below is a list of committees within the school. If you would like to join, or learn more, please contact the chair person(s) for more information.

Volunteer Positions

Acorn Cards Catherine Lebel
After Four & Lunch Programs Julie Bredin Hartman (co-chair)
Christy Sulkowski (co-chair)
Melissa Benum
Julie Kingsley
Julie Coleman
Jill Katz
Caren Thomas
Sheilagh Durno
Shannon Crowder
Anaphylaxis &
Anne Guilfoyle
Kate Harrington
Book Fair Alysa Kim
Cross Country Vanessa Bennett
Community Health Janet Green
Community Outreach Jen Cameron
Fall Fun Fair Jessica Booth (Chair)
Christine MacDonald
Kristy Luciani
Martha Kerr-McNally
Colleen Yoo
Karin Kolb
Glenview Rep Christy Sulkowski
Governance Leanne James
Grade 6 Grad Julie Kingsley
Buffy O’Driscoll
Green Committee Andrea Fowler
Kiss and Ride Julie Werry
Shining Lights Jessica Booth
Lost and Found Chrystal Saffer
New Family
Meghan Lauber
Pizza Lunch Melissa Skoda
Jessica Booth
Safe Arrival Catherine Lebel
Trish van Nieuwenhuizen
Staffing ModelExecutive Team 2018-2019
Track & Field Vanessa Bennett
Traffic & Safety
Urns Karin Kolb
Ward Forum Rep Jennifer Dysart
Amy Pandori
Yearbook Nick Nikita
2018-2019 Blythwood Volunteer Handout 2