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Visitors’ Policy

Blythwood has a Visitors’ Policy to ensure the safety of our students and staff. It is monitored and reviewed every year. The Visitors’ Policy has many purposes:

To enhance the safety of the students, staff and volunteers at Blythwood, while maintaining a welcoming environment where parents are encouraged to participate in school life.

To easily identify visitors, volunteers and parents in the school.

To help teachers identify possible intruders in the school.

To provide administration with the names of people in the school in case of an emergency.

After 9:00 am, all doors are locked for safety reasons. Visitors are required to enter through the FRONT DOORS, which are monitored by a closed-circuit camera and buzz-in system through the main office.  Every visitor entering Blythwood during school hours is required to sign-in at the office and pick up a visitor’s tag to wear for the duration of their visit.