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Principal’s Message


August 28, 2019 

A Quick Word from Ms. Farrell: 

We hope that everyone has enjoyed a safe, happy and restful summer! 

Everyone here at Blythwood is looking forward to welcoming families back on Tuesday and to the opportunities of the year ahead! In preparation for this year, we spent a great deal of time and effort back in the spring, collaborating with parents and working with staff to organize events, plan future dates, and place students in classes. This summer I was hiring for our two Kindergarten LTOs and I am happy to welcome Ms. Yeung and Ms. Crolly to our Kindergarten Team. Mr. Williams will be joining the Kindergarten team as an ECE in Room 4. Our Caretakers, Mr. Munson and Mr. Randall have worked tirelessly to prepare the school for September. We are so grateful for their time, energy and care. The school looks great! Teachers have been in all week preparing their classrooms and planning their program for a great start to the school year. Ms. Gourmos and Ms. Meletschenko have been here supporting us in the office, registering new students and preparing for the busy year ahead. We are all excited for the 2019/2020 school year! We know you are too. 

Enjoy this wonderful weekend!! See you on Tuesday morning! 

First Day of School! 

On Tuesday, September 3nd at 8:35 classroom teachers should be outside on the pavement waiting to welcome their students. They will each have a large sign with their name, Grade and classroom number on it. There will be alphabetized lists, by last name, hanging on the school walls (outside the gym). The lists will indicate your child’s class and room number. Staff will be stationed at the alphabetized lists to help direct families to their teachers. Teachers will be lined up JK/SK to Grade 6, staring with JK/SK A at the south end of the pavement (near the Birthday tree) to Grade 6 at the north end of the pavement (near the bike racks). 

Once you have found your teacher, said hello and checked in, students will line up with their new teacher. If you cannot find your child’s name on the list, please come into the office to speak to Nancy or Athena. Teachers will take attendance and once most students have arrived, head inside to the classroom. 

Although the long range weather forecast looks hopeful, in the event of inclement weather, this procedure will take place in the school with Kindergarten meeting in the first floor hallway, Grades 1-3 meeting in the gym, and Grades 4-6 meeting in the lower level hallway. 

Don’t Forget… 

Many of our students like to bring some things in with them to school in their backpack: water bottle, snack (am and pm recess), lunch (if you’re staying, please remember no peanuts/nuts), change of clothes for younger students, and gym shoes. Depending on the grade and the teacher, you can adjust that list to your child’s needs. 


A supervised lunchroom program is provided for students who eat lunch at school. We have a 65 minute lunch period to provide adequate time for students to walk home, eat and have a break before afternoon entry at 12:40 p.m. If your child will be staying at school for lunch, please look for the Google form link that I will send out next week so that you can sign your child up. Each student who stays for lunch is expected to bring a packed lunch in reusable containers, as we would like to be an Eco-School, so we have a Boomerang lunch program. 

A number of students at Blythwood Public School are highly allergic to peanuts, peanut products and nuts. Even sitting at a clean table where a child has previously eaten peanut butter, for example, can cause a severe reaction. Please do not send any nut products to school in your child’s lunch or for recess snack. These products include food cooked in peanut oil. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the health and safety of all of our students. 

Parent Council will be sending information regarding our optional hot lunch (two days a week) and pizza lunch (once a month) programs. The attached PDF outlines the optional hot lunch options from The Lunch Lady. 

School Start-Up Digital Forms 

As part of the TDSB’s Digital Transformation strategy and in support of a Board directive, a selection of school start up forms will be made available to parents/guardians this September in digital format using Permission Click. 

A broadcast message will be sent by TDSB to all parents/guardians (priority 1 or 2 contacts with an email recorded in Trillium) through School Messenger on Thursday, August 30, 2019 to communicate the new process for digital forms. 

An email will automatically be sent to the parent/guardian who is the primary or secondary contact with an email in Trillium. The email will include a link for parents/guardians to complete the forms for each of their children and will be sent the next school day after attendance is taken and the student becomes active in Trillium. The email will come from the email address. 

The forms/procedures that will be provided in digital format are: 

  • PR088 – Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources 
  • PR 511H-Walking Excursion-Immediate Community 
  • PR511E – Medical Information for Excursions 
  • PR519A – Severe Weather Conditions: Permission to Leave School 
  • PR529B -Student Media Consent Release Form 
  • PR563 – Anaphylaxis 
  • PR571 – Code of On-Line Conduct 
  • PR585 – Board Code of Conduct 
  • PR607 – Diabetes Management 
  • PR714 – Asthma Management 
  • TDSB Digital Learning Tool Consent 

Student Dress Policy and Procedure 

As you may know, the TDSB’s new Student Dress Policy (P042) will come into effect on September 1, 2019. I wanted to take this opportunity to share a letter outlining the policy. Please visit the TDSB website: Student Dress Q & A for additional details. 

Parent Council 

At Blythwood we are so lucky to have an involved parent community and an active parent council. Please see the Welcome Letter from our Parent Council Chairs, Kristy Luciani and Andrea Reid. 

Cross Country Running Starts September 9!! 

The Blythwood Cross Country Program is open to all students, Grades 1 through 6. 

Everyone makes the team! Weather permitting, practices run every Monday and Thursday for Grades 1-3 and every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for Grades 4-6. 

TDSB Interschool Athletics Tryout and Participation Form – The attached form must be completed and returned before your child can participate in off-site practices. You must include all info INCLUDING Health Card number. This form must be completed and returned to the coaches or the school office by Sept 9th, 2019. 

Please visit the Cross Country page for much more information including key dates: 

**Please check the website regularly as any practice cancellations will be posted there. For any questions on the Cross Country Program, please contact Vanessa Bennett by email or 416 722 6255. 

Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Flow 

Student safety is our essential to us. We have worked with our school team, parents and community members to create the safe conditions for students. Please take a minute to review the traffic manual: 

Some key messages: 

  • Take advantage of our morning Kiss n’ Ride drop-off zone in front of the school 
  • Do not backup, make U-turns, or 3-point turns 
  • Adhere to the proper traffic flow 
  • Do not drop your child off in the middle of the road – especially when traffic is congested 
  • Talk about what you do before you cross a road. Teach your child to use their eyes and their ears. Always, think, look and listen, even if there is a crossing guard, or traffic signals, to assist them. 
  • Teach them to stop at the curb, look left, right and left again, and to listen for oncoming traffic. When the way is clear, or all the cars at the crosswalk or intersection have come to a full stop, teach children to cross the road, and not to double back or run. Children should be told not to cross between parked cars, or in the middle of a street, but at a corner. 
  • Also, they should treat driveways and alleyways as “mini roads” and watch for moving cars. If there are no sidewalks, children should walk in a single file, away from the road, facing traffic. After a while, these behaviours will become second nature to your child. 

(Taken from http://www.parachutecanada.org/injury-topics/topic/C14) 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Vanessa Bennett.

The Character Trait of the month is Respect

DateDay TimeActivity
Tues Sept 311st Day of School! (review Opening Day procedures above)
Wed Sept 42a.m.Welcome Assemblies
Thurs Sept 53
Fri Sept 64
Wed Sept 118:30-9:30New Family Breakfast
Wed Sept 18Lice Check
Sat Sept 2111:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Fall Fun Fair
Thurs Sept 26Terry Fox Run
Fri Sept 27p.m.Curriculum Open House
Mon Oct 7Picture Day