Blythwood Public School is committed to creating a positive learning atmosphere in which all students have the opportunity to receive an education through which they may achieve their potential.  Our goal is to assist children to assume responsibility for their own behaviour by developing a sense of mutual trust, respect and responsibility.  Through the partnership of home, school and the community we can create a safe, caring and responsible learning community for all students.

The Code of Conduct

 Responsibilities of PupilsResponsibilities of Teachers and StaffResponsibilities of Parents
1Obey Blythwood’s Code of Conduct and Dress CodeImplement Blythwood’s Code of Conduct and Dress CodeSupport Blythwood’s Code of Conduct and Dress Code
2Be courteous and respectful to everyoneBe positive role modelsBe positive role models
3Resolve conflicts and difficulties through peaceful meansEstablish and maintain a school environment conducive to learningEncourage self-discipline and the development of responsibility at home, at school and in the community
4Strive to have a positive attitude towards self and school by contributing as much as possible to the life of Blythwood PSEncourage each pupil to work to his or her maximum potential academically and sociallyEncourage each child to work to the best of his or her potential, academically and socially
5Respect the right of everyone to a school environment which is free from fear, prejudice, and distractionApproach the education of the student in a just and fair mannerTake time to listen, talk, and read with your child
6Respect the property of fellow students, the school and communityCommunicate information on the behaviour and progress of pupils to parents and administratorsEnsure that each child attends school regularly and punctually; call Safe Arrival at 416-393-9104 to inform the school of absence or late arrival
7Attend school regularly and punctuallyIdentify pupils with special needs and involve appropriate personnel and parents/guardiansInform school staff of any special circumstances which may affect a pupil’s progress and/or behaviour
8Be prepared for school by bringing necessary materials and completing all assignments on timeEncourage and demonstrate appropriate means of handling anger and dealing with conflictEncourage and demonstrate appropriate means of handling anger and dealing with conflict
9Electronic devices (cell phones, IPODS, Video Games, etc.) must be powered off and stored out of view during instructional class and other areas of the school unless otherwise authorized by the Principal.

The “High Five” Rules:

The “High Five” rules highlight important aspects of the school’s Code of Conduct. These are:

  • Treat all people with respect and consideration. Speak politely.
  • Walk in an orderly manner when entering and exiting the school, on the stairs, and in the halls.
  • Work and play co-operatively and safely with everyone.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Respect our environment. Keep our school clean and litter free.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour

Teachers and/or administration may impose any of the following specific consequences as necessary.

  • verbal reprimand and/or warning
  • written behaviour contract with student
  • withdrawal of privileges
  • informal or formal interview between any or all of student, teacher, principal or parent/guardian
  • detention or temporary removal from the class
  • letter or call by pupil, teacher, or administration to parent/guardian
  • involvement of School Team, support staff and/or outside agencies

Blythwood is committed to a “no tolerance” policy for mean, bullying behaviour and takes seriously the responsibility to teach and redirect individuals engaged in such behaviour. Very serious misbehaviour and their consequences are defined and governed by the Safe Schools Policy of the Toronto District School Board (see

Dress Code

Blythwood’s Dress Code is as follows:

  • Boots, hats or hoods, coats and other outdoor attire are to be worn outdoors only.
  • Clothing with offensive language, messages or images may not be worn.
  • Micro-minis, micro-shorts and tops with low necklines may not be worn.
  • Midriffs must be covered.
  • Undergarments must be covered.
  • Shoes must be worn in the school at all times.
  • Clothing deemed inappropriate will be addressed by the administration.

Students must have an indoor pair of shoes which would be appropriate for gym, and an outdoor pair of shoes appropriate for recess play and outdoor gym.

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