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Track & Field Day

All students will participate in this event at school.  The primary students (grades 1-3) participate for half a day and junior students (grades 4-6) will participate for the other half. The date is TBD. Please keep in mind the following when you send your child to school that day:

  • Have your child wear athletic attire, including running shoes with laces
  • Please send your child to school with sunscreen and a water bottle
  • To ensure your child does not miss any events, kindly be on time for school

This is a fun day for all students and an opportunity to achieve a sense of accomplishment through participation in a variety of track & field events.  While results will assist Mr. Haywood in selecting a team of grades 4, 5 and 6 students for additional track and field events run by the TDSB, the primary focus of the day is on fun and participation of all students.

Team Tryouts (grades 4-6) (Rain or Shine!) – DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED

In order to participate in these tryouts, athletes must have signed up with Mr Haywood in advance at school and handed in a Consent to Tryout & Participate Form (to be provided at a later date).