School Sports Teams

There are many opportunities for students to work towards a personal best and experience the fun of competition in a wide range of sports through Blythwood’s school teams.

Criteria for Athlete Selection to Blythwood School Teams

Students from Grades 4, 5, 6 are selected for school teams based on the following criteria:

Attitude: The student must have a positive attitude while participating in the sport as well as demonstrating positive behavior at school. The athlete must be coachable.

Fundamentals: The athlete must have basic skills in the sport they are participating.

Work Ethic: The athlete must show desire, determination and effort during practice as well as during a game.

Potential: The athlete must show development for the future, both in leadership and experience.

Commitment: The athlete must attend all try-outs, practices and games and be prepared to give100%, 100% of the time. They must be punctual for practices and games.

Academic Achievement: The athlete must strive to be the best student they can be (i.e completing homework and attending and fully participating in the classroom). The athlete is also expected to return to school after competing for Blythwood teams, if during the school day.

Blythwood will strive to put forward competitive teams and develop young talent for future years.  The Coach/teacher will look for athletes that have most if not all of the above qualities.

Parent Code of Conduct at Blythwood Sporting Events

Do not engage the Officials (umpire, referee).  Please do not comment on their calls in any manner.

Refrain from coaching your child from the sidelines. The athlete should not be confused. S/he should look to their coach for coaching during games and practices.

Parents and supporters should cheer from the opposite side of the field or court that the team is on. Please do not stand behind or beside the team. Parents are not allowed in the infield at track and field events, nor are they to run beside their child at cross-country meets (penalty is disqualification). Once the warm-up has begun, the players should remain with the team and coach until the completion of the event. The coach will call over the parent if necessary (i.e., injury).

Parents are encouraged to give positive feedback and encouragement to our athletes. Please do not criticize any athlete on the field or court, from either team, nor the coaches or officials.

Remember, all our coaches are volunteers. Show support and respect to our coaches. In the event that you do have an issue with something after a game, and you would like to talk to the coach, please wait 24 hours. Emotions can run high, best to give it time.

We are constantly trying to teach our children to be respectful, to be positive and to be leaders in our school.  Let’s carry this through to the sports world and lead by example.

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