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After 4 & Lunch Programs FAQs

Q. When can I set up my family account?

A. Go to https://www.quickenrollment.com/league/prelogin.aspx?org_keyword=BAF and do it now so that you can just login to your QuickEnrollment Account on the morning of registration.

Q. If I all ready have a QuickEnrollment Account do I need to set up another one to enroll in Blythwood After Four programs?

A. No. You can use your existing QuickEnrollment Account. Just ensure all children you wish to enroll in After Four Programs are listed and if not, add them.

Q. How will know if my child is enrolled in a class?

A. You must receive a confirmation email from that indicates your child has been ACCEPTED or NOT ACCEPTED for the chosen class. We will do our best to ensure timely delivery of these so that if no space exists you can choose to register for another class. Spaces are not confirmed until you have received the confirmation email. Having a program in your ‘cart’ does not hold a space. You must complete registration and payment before you are put in sequence on the waitlist and confirmed or denied.

Q. Do I have to sign up at 7a.m. on Thursday, Sptember 19?

A. No the system will remain open until 4 p.m.Sunday, September 22 at which time it will be closed for further registrations. Classes often fill up fast so if you want a specific class we recommend registering early. Programs will OPEN for registration at 7 a.m. Thursday, September 19, and CLOSE Sunday, September 22 at 4 p.m.

Q. Who can I contact with questions?

A. Email and the right person will get back to you shortly. For specific course questions please contact Julie Bredin Hartman.

Committee Contacts

Please contact the below committee reps with any questions:

After Four & Lunch Programs Team

Julie Bredin Hartman

Christy Sulkowski

Julie Coleman

Shannon Crowder

Julie Kingsley

Melissa Benum

Jill Patterson

Caren Thomas