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After 4 & Lunch Programs

We are excited about the line-up for the Winter After 4 & Lunch Program as well as the changes we’ve made to make it easier for the kids registered in the courses. 

Winter 2020 Program Highlights

We are excited about the line-up for the Winter After 4 & Lunch Program. There are eight programs running for an 8-week period with the first program starting after school on Tuesday, January 7th – see our ‘Schedule-at-a-glance’ to see the start and end dates for each program. 

Here are the important changes that we’ve made to the program to make it easier for both you and your children participating in our programs. As always, please connect with us if you have any questions or suggestions.

NEW THIS YEAR: The entire After 4 & Lunch Programs brochure is now online.
• For a list of programs offered, please visit the Program Descriptions page.
• Registration information can be found on the After 4 & Lunch Programs Registration page.
• Any questions you may have can be answered on our FAQ page.

For after school programs …

For lunch programs …

  • Kids should go directly to the classroom assigned and eat their lunch with the other kids in the course.
  • Your kids are responsible for keeping the classroom clean and taking any garbage they may have from lunch when they leave. 
  • Once you have registered for a particular course, we will be giving your email address to our vendors so they start communications with you. We hope this will improve communications and give you speedier turn around on questions you may have.


Questions, ideas for future programs or want to join our team, please email us at . Thanks and your feedback is always encouraged.

Blythwood After 4 & Lunch Program Team
Blythwood After 4 Winter Program - Schedule-at-a-glance (DEC 2 2019)