Please fill out a separate form for each child and SUBMIT BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2022. If you would like to use a paper form, email ">Sara Dolatshahi. Thank you.

Class List and Class Parent Form

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  • The Toronto District School Board policy requires that parents give permission before personal information (such as addresses and phone numbers) is distributed in the form of class lists. These lists may be used by other parents and children in the same class as your child to set up playdates, walking school buses, etc., and may also be used by members of the Parent School Association/Council (PSA/C) and other school volunteers, such as class parents, as a means of contacting you in regards to school and the many PSA/C activities that run throughout the year. You must opt-in to be on and receive your child's class list.
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  • Class Parent

  • Being a class parent is a wonderful way to become involved in your child's experience at Blythwood. The job is usually a shared position with two class parents per class – in a split class, there will be one parent for each grade. Responsibilities this year may be a little different than previous years, but may include acting as a liaison between the teacher and the other parents in the class, coordinating volunteers for class trips and events (if there are any this year), and providing support for your child's teacher, if requested. We suggest that at least one of the class parents attend regular PSA/C meetings as they are very informative about the happenings around Blythwood; there are only 4 per year. Once all forms are submitted, and class parents designated, we will have a virtual meeting to provide an outline of your duties and guidelines for being a class parent around mid-September. Thank you very much for considering being a class parent. Please note that the teacher will make the final decision.
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Thank you for providing us with your information. Remember to complete one form per child. All submissions are due: FRIDAY, September 16, 2022.